ACA Insurance Sign-Up

Last updated 11/12/23

Sign up for 2024 subsidized insurance
Nov.1, 2023 thru Jan.15, 2024.

(and now also, eligible adults can
Sign up for Medicaid Expansion at a local Dept.of Soc.Services office)

For ACA subsidized insurance: Sign up on
Or call 1-800-318-2596,
Or, in South Dakota, find info and get help signing up:

   The little flier downloadable below has info to share with those who might need coverage. Please SHARE it:  agencies, newsletters, thrift shops, bus stops, laundromats and other community bulletin boards, yard sales, libraries, individuals, food distributions, clinics, etc.

    After the sign-up deadline, people may still sign up if they have a change in their circumstances, such as a change in employment or family size. Such changes qualify as a Special Enrollment Period any time of the year. 

   Also, applications for the Children’s Health Insurance Program -CHIP and Medicaid are accepted any time.

   To see incomes that qualify for this subsidized health insurance, check the chart in the attachment below.


       Coverage helps protect both you and your wallet.

       Plans may cover a wide range of benefits, including doctor visits, hospital stays, preventive care and more. Protect yourself and your family.

      Your health is important! Everyone needs some form of coverage.

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Happy to report, South Dakotans voted to expand Medicaid!
This will get health coverage to thousands of South Dakotans, mostly low-wage workers, but also caregivers, people not yet approved for disability, and many others who need coverage.  
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Between now and January 15, 2024, Please download and share the handout below with people who may be eligible for ACA subsidized insurance.

Updated 11/12/23, Bread for the World-SD

 How to download? The little pop-out symbol will bring up a pdf version that you can download.
Here’s a half-page handout with info for you and to share

signup handout M'caid, ACA, CHIP v3.pdf